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Stefaan Rits, born in Roeselare (Belgium) in April 1984, grew up with his parents and grandmother at their family business in Moorslede, West-Flanders, Belgium. That he had a talent for drawing was already noticed on a very young age so he went to the Academy of Modern Arts in Roeselare (Belgium) to develop that talent. Thereafter he continued his education in Arts and Graphics and also graduated as an restorer- artist.

In 2009 he met Rachel De Visser were he married with on September 17th 2010. Her influence made him experimenting art again with different mediums. Very soon he started as a professional artist while he was still looking for a medium and style that fits him. After allot of research, influences of old masters and contemporary artists took part in his own way of thinking, but also in his daily life he was constantly looking for touching experiences.


A turning point

A turning point came in the fall of 2016 when Stefaan Rits received the confirmation why he experienced the world so differently from the rest of the people, why he had trouble understanding others, why he is such a rational thinker, why he has so many interests, why he is so much more creative than the majority ...

E.A. Bucchianeri once said: “Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist's career.” Well, with this artist it is no different. At very young age he was diagnosed with a kind of autism, but no one ever spoke about it anymore. Later on, he was diagnosed with ADHD, but many questions about problems he experienced in his life remained unanswered.

After years of struggling with himself and his environment, he started looking for answers again. Research and diagnoses took almost a year, after which he was diagnosed with "Asperger's (ASD) - ADHD". All puzzle pieces seemed to fall into place!


Influence in his work

How did this experience affect him? He tells:
“At first I felt as if they putted me in a tiny box and labeled it, I felt naked, as if everything of my personality was prescribed in a book. Then, after a while, it felt like a revelation, I no longer had to 'act' to fit with the majority, but I realized that despite all my limitations, I also had skills, things I’m good at, skills or abilities most people admire.”

That is how his sense of identity came alive, and also his work gained more expression of self-identity. His view of life began to take an important position in the creation of his work. Life with its social bottlenecks, as well as the bond with nature and animals, also play a major role in the different themes of his current work.


His approach and methods

As people would say in English, Stefaan Rits is a “Renaissance man”. Many of his interests elaborates the themes of his work. By a thorough preliminary study of the project and a lot of sketching he comes to an idea he works out, often very thoughtful, but with enough space to think about it. In order to let others be involved in this entire procedure, he started writing a project blog. On his blog Stefaan Rits shows step by step how he comes to certain ideas, or he shows people the projects he is working on. Using the appropriate medium (oil paint, acrylic paint, graphite, watercolor, ...) on an appropriate surface (canvas, wood, various types of paper, ...), he knows how to express himself in a realistic figurative style using a sober or soft color palette. Stefaan Rits has a good understanding of perspective, so that many of his larger works show an intense spatial impression, as if you could step into the work. In addition, most of the scenes were taken from his imagination, sometimes with fragments from photographs or sketches, all put together with care to complete the whole picture.


Custom artwork

At the age of 16 to 19 years, Stefaan Rits occasionally drew portraits from photographs or just from people he met in a pub. After those years, there was not much time left for drawing, now and then he drew a few sketches to pass time. At the end of 2017 he drew some realistic portraits in graphite from their own pets. Rachel, his wife was on cloud nine when she saw how realistic their dogs were portrayed. Many others who saw the drawings also asked a custom artwork. This service became a nice addition and made it possible to focus on his art full-time without much distraction.



Visual Arts - SASK Roeselare (Belgium)
Restorer- Artist - Forming-institute Kortrijk (Belgium)
Arts and Graphics / Painter - Royal Atheneum Roeselare (Belgium)





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